The 3rd International Conference on Software Engineering and New Technologies (ICSENT'14)

In Cooperation with AMI - Tunis Sciences Faculty

The 3rd International Conference on Software Engineering and New Technologies "ICSENT - 2014" is the continuation from the 1st ICSENT where it is dedicated to address the challenges in the areas of software engineering and new technologies, thereby presenting a consolidated view to the interested researchers in the aforesaid fields. The conference looks for significant contributions to software engineering and new technologies in theoretical and practical aspects. The event will be held over three days with several keynote speakers and other researchers presentations.

ICSENT'14 Publications

The best selected papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit an extended version to the Special Issue of international journal.

ICSENT'14 Special Sessions

Special sessions are small events to be held during the conference as a set of presentations that are highly specialized in some particular theme or consisting of the works of some particular international project. Prospective organizers are invited to submit a proposal explaining the targeted topic's novelty/importance and listing the contributing authors and their contributions to a conference chair.

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About ICSENT'2014 in Hammamet, Tunisia

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