ICIST 2016

6th International Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

Barcelona , Spain 18 - 20 March 2016

Welcome to MAC'2016

The Mobile Applications Conference (MAC'2016) is a confluence between academia and industry on mobile applications and services research. MAC'2016 has become a leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services.

some text MAC'2016 Topics

Relevant topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Mobile Applications

VoIP and Video over IP applications
VoLTE, PoC applications
Mobile TV and multicast applications
Mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) applications
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications
Real-time multimedia applications
Mobile gaming
High-speed data applications on mobile networks
Web 2.0 applications
Secure Mobile banking applications
Mobile GIS applications
Mobile health care and medical applications
Innovative platforms and applications for assisted living
Home automation and monitoring applications
Proximity/Sensors/NFC based mobile services
Mobile applications user interface and design
Mobile Social Networking
Mobile Mixed Reality
Mobile Operating Systems
Augmented Reality
Pervasive Computing
Internet of Things

Mobile Technologies

5G Technologies
mmWave system Massive MIMOs and smart Antennas
Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN)
Mission Critical Mobile Technologies
LTE-Advanced deployment
Mobile Broadband technologies
Ad hoc and sensor networks
Mobile vehicular technologies
Quality of service and Quality of Experience in 5G wireless networks
Resource Allocation and Management strategies
Ambient and pervasive networking
Energy conservation technologies

Mobile Services

Mission Critical Architectures
5G services
IMS and SIP-based Services
Fixed-Mobile Convergence
Mobile Service Management and delivery
Mobile Cloud
Security, Privacy and Ethical Issues in the Cloud
Software System design for Mobile services
Multimedia and Multicast services
Peer-to-Peer Services
Client-Server based services
Service platforms for the Digital Economy
Innovative services on IMS Application Servers
Indoor and Outdoor Location-based services
Context/Content-aware services
Security services
Billing, Accounting and Charging
Beyond Web 2.0

Standardization and Ethical issues

Open Mobile Alliance initiatives
Broadband Public Safety Communication Networks
Web3.0 proposals
Inter-operability and optimization issues
Beyond 4G and Society
Network Management and Operation strategy

Other issues

- Mobile Advertising, Local Search and the recommendation of goods/services
- Energy Efficiency -- generalizable approaches for coping with battery limits
- Mobile Payments -- NFC-based services and other emerging technologies
- User Interfaces and Interaction Technologies for Mobiles -- voice, eyes, gestures...
- Mobile Sensing -- including specific domains such as, mHealth, in addition to core techniques
- Wearable platforms and Smartphones -- such as, prototype hardware (sensing modalities etc.)
- Collaborative/Multi-Device Sensing -- novel applications, platforms, and core technologies
- Participatory and Opportunistic Sensing -- applications, platforms, theories
- Mobile development tools and testing methodologies -- including also malware identification
- App Distribution Channels and Stores -- taking the next steps in the evolution of app stores
- Location-based Social Networks and Media -- considering both studies of existing systems (e.g., WeChat) or new novel systems
- Mobile Cloud Computing and Mobile Web support -- such as personal clouds, and proposed new standards
- Computational Privacy -- protection against privacy violations and identifying new types of attacks for mobile sensing
- Mobile crowdsourcing -- platforms, novel applications, incentive mechanisms